you can access to any websites that you read regularly. Earch one of these websites operates on its own schedule. Some of them update once a day. Some of them update multiple times a day. Some of them update once a week. And some of them update when the writer feels like it.

Now, you could check all these websites every day, but on some of these websites, there won't be any new info, and on others, you might miss some of the updates by checking that rarely.

Now, one of the things that these sites can do is put out a syndication feed that lists all the updates they make in a standardized fashion.

What Google Reader does is allow you to subscribe to these feeds, and it checks them every so often for new content. So instead of visiting ten websites and checking them individually, you log into Google Reader, Google reader tells you which of the websites have updated, and what they updated with, and you can view the new content, either in Reader, or go to the website.

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